I have been developing this subscription box idea for some time now. It is a project that I am very passionate about. Today I am sharing my idea with the world. I believe this niche is something the subscription box market has been lacking. I love receiving a surprise monthly box from ipsy, birchbox, julep, wantables and more. Yes I am a little obsessed with monthly boxes, who isn't? If you have the funds to receive boxes monthly, why not invest in THE COS BOX, to help you grow as a stylist behind the chair. If a box like this existed I would want it. I am creating THE COS BOX for passionate hairdressers out there that might not have the time to research new and fun items, but are eager to try on trend items this industry has to offer us. I am always looking for the latest and greatest and have a need to play with these items and share on my website, social media, with clients and with co-workers.  I am constantly bringing in new things for us to try at our salon. If there was a monthly box that could give us multiple items like that, the possibilities are endless. Let's discover new things together as a community! Please join me on this #CREATIVEhairdressing movement and subscribe NOW and receive THE COS BOX.

If you'd like to check out my #CREATIVEhairdresssing visit my website @ AMANDAJGIORDANO.COM

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Word on the street...

''I think this is a terrific idea and as a stylist, I always enjoy trying new products/tools. The packaging is very attractive, and the literature is really detailed and informative. I LOVE receiving my CosBox and I will gladly maintain my subscription ALWAYS!!!!''

''I love the concept, and cannot wait for future boxes. I think it is neat to try new supplies and products for our industry.''

''love that things are full sizes really get a feel for them.''

''I love the CosBox more and more every time I receive it!!! It is a terrific way for us professionals, in the greatest industry EVER, to try new products and tools to make our careers easier and even more creative!!!! LOVE IT!!!!''

''I think it's very original and unique, and gives licensed professionals a chance to try something new.''

''Full of great usable.. Necessary tools''

"The Cos box looks to be the best thing since sliced bread! "🙌🙌

Anthony Lomas

"You didnt just think outside the box, you threw the box away"

Bo Stegall

"First of its kind"

Justin de Vera